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The content strategy process provides a pillar of content that can be used to create a diverse range of marketing internet tools (eTools) that best suit your persona (target audience) profile. They assist your inbound marketing methodology in attracting strangers and converting them from visitors to leads to a customer. The eTools will help in search engine rankings and naturally promote you to the top of the content pile.

The Buyers Journey and content


"Your top of the funnel content must be intellectually divorced from your product but emotionally wed to it." source: Joe Chernov, Kinvey

Knowing who your personas are and where they are in the buyer’s journey are the keys to developing a killer content strategy. In order to create remarkable content, you have to tailor it both to your personas and where they are in the buyer’s journey. This ensures the content; purpose, format and topic are focused in attracting the right customer.

The eTool formats we specialise in are eBooklets, eFactsheets, eWhite papers, eEditorials, eNewsletter, videos and other digital internet media tools. Through marketing automation software, the tools success and impact can be measured, and detail reports supplied.


Blogs are critical to promoting your company that include eTools with remarkable content. When you engage with potential customers, you speak specifically to their interests that are also the art of blogging. It’s this purposeful content that educates, informs and will engage your audience about your brand and company.

Social Media

InsightFuture marketing will assist you with your social media to maintain a consistent, clear executed message across all the social platforms that best suit your profile. We will get you going with a social media strategy with purposeful content, rather than content-for-content’s-sake. When you engage with potential customers, you speak specifically to their interests. It’s this purposeful content that informs and engages your audience about your brand and company.


Strategy, graphic design, content, publishing, and analytics. In short, we’ve got everything you need to send your customers brilliant emails they’ll actually read. We produce brand newsletters with the highest industry open rates.

eCase Studies

InsightFuture marketing write’s case studies with the customer’s mindset in how your company’s solution satisfies their compelling need. We write these case studies with your clients to provide integrity and conviction to the study.

eWhite papers and research papers

InsightFuture Marketing is experienced in writing evidence-based clinical papers and white papers, providing you with a leadership position. The rule of thumb is to educate first and sell second. If you deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to customers, you’re building trust that ultimately rewards you with their business and loyalty.
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Very few customers read ads. However, the majority read editorials if the content is inspiring, engaging and informative to read. And if they are inspired, your editorial is likely to be shared with their colleagues. InsightFuture Marketing knows how to package this well.


InsightFuture Marketing provides a range of creative video media to select that includes: Corporate videos, corporate events and trade presentations, product demonstrations, training videos, case studies animated infographics, and professional voiceovers. Let us bring to life your story with a clear and precise message for your target audience.


InsightFuture Marketing specialises in podcast production customised to client interviews, live event recording, and audio editing.

Corporate events

InsightFuture marketing will help you behind the scene in developing a compelling idea for the event. This idea communicated in all event activities and materials including your agenda, invitations, décor, videos, programs, slides, and speakers. Our services can also include speech writing, and searching for keynote speakers.