Content Strategy

Content Strategy

InsightFuture Marketing

In establishing a Content Strategy, InsightFuture Marketing focuses on planning, creating, delivering and managing content in line with your business goals. Mapping out a framework to include more than just the words on the page, but also the images, multimedia deployed and the Who, What, Why, When and Where. The content strategy provides the substance between the user needs and the business interests. In establishing a well-structured framework that targets a clearly-defined audience will drive profitable customer action.

Core Strategy

Identify Goals/

focuses on what content is required to successfully execute your core strategy. It includes characteristics such as messaging architecture, intended audience(s), and voice and tone.


focuses on how content is prioritized, organized, and accessed. Focuses on the content itself, including mapping messages to content, content bridging, and creating detailed page tables.

Outline the Roles/

focuses on how people manage and maintain content on a daily basis, including the roles, tasks, and tools required throughout the content lifecycle.

Identify Policies/

focuses on the policies, standards, and guidelines that apply to content and its lifecycle, as well as how an organization will sustain and evolve its content strategy.
Source: Content Strategy Quad- Melissa Rach

The content strategy provides the framework for your content marketing plan focusing solely on creating, measuring, and publishing content marketing pieces for specific audiences. It addresses the “Why” of your overall strategy and the “What” motivates customers to engage. It establishes a regular checkpoint to ensure that you’re inbound marketing program continues to meet your business goals. The “planning” element of your program provides the thread throughout your content marketing framework.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Your content strategy helps you understand why you are creating content in the first place and what business objectives you’re trying to achieve.